April 05, 2009

"I totally belted it"

'to belt' (-verb, used with object): to gird or furnish with a belt.
Ah, the illustrious art of belting. A nice belt can make or break an entire look, so it's best not to ignore this subject.
There are some basic rules when it comes to wearing a belt, most of which you probably know, but one can never be too cautious so let me lay them down for you.
1: Leather belts -> make sure the leather of your belt matches your shoes (brown leather belts go with brown leather shoes etc.).
2: A suit requires a fine belt.
3: Wear grosgrain or canvas belts with casual summer outfits, like khaki shorts.
4: Again, be subtle with the label-whoring. If I had a nickel for every shudder I
have experienced at the sight of guys wearing white pleather belts screaming GUESS or EMPORIO ARMANI at me with their rhinestone horribleness, I'd be a rich man.
Comme d'habitude, here are some pictures of nice belts that would go great with your clothing.
This Ralph Lauren belt ($95) is a great everyday basic. Wear it with your jeans or chinos!
Next up is this preppy grosgrain striped belt, also by Ralph Lauren ($65).
Great for when summering in the Hamptons or France with Muffy and the rest of the Upper East Side.

As you can tell, I have a thing for brown leather belts, and I like this one by Diesel Black Gold ($230). It's called 'the Stopwatch' and with its eyecatching dangly chain, all the girls will be staring at your groin. I know, right, great belt!

And last but not least, this simple black leather belt by Levi's.
Classic, goes with nearly everything, and at $38 a great bargain!

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