April 02, 2009

Gizmo Guide

Gizmo Guide is all about what's hot in the world of small electronics and multimedia.
Today I present you with the Samsung F480 Hugo Boss phone.
Designer phones are not the newest phenomenon in Gizmo Land: LG brought us the Prada (II) phone, Samsung the Giorgio Armani phone, Alcatel launched the Mandarina Duck phone, Motorola had the Dolce & Gabbana Razr phone and even Levi's developed their own phone.

This Hugo Boss phone (€319) is sleek, modern and with it's 5 MP camera and 2.8" touchscreen display a damn stylish telecommunication device.

If you're not into flaunting designer names, other great options are the Sony Ericsson C902 (the phone James Bond uses in 'Quantum of Solace') or the LG Secret.

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