April 30, 2009

Spring/Summer '09 Trends

I couldn't come up with a slightly more original title, but the designs I'm about to show quite certainly are.
After browsing the most important fashion shows, I discovered five big recurrent styles that are sure to influence any fashionisto's wardrobe for the months to come!
Before we get to it, I'd like to address the fact that this post is mere journalism, and that this doesn't mean that I personally love every one of these looks. I think it's very important to know what's going on and what the current tendencies are style-wise (hence this post) but at the same time it's crucial not to lose your own sense of style. Being a total trend-slave is just not cool.
Without further ado, here are the five biggest trends for the season:

1) Think Pink
It was pretty hard to ignore this colour as nearly every designer sent at least one model down the runway clad in a shade of pink. From a muted puce to bright magenta, pink is the way to go.
You can go head-to-toe in it (for the very confident, as seen at Salvatore Ferragamo) or as a bright accent (pink trousers at Emanuel Ungaro).

2) Traffic Cone Chic
Think fluorescent, Glow In The Dark, neon hues! It seems that at last the day has dawned that your fugly high-visibility vest has become fashionable. Givenchy pushes the envelope in a hot pink suit (see, pink again!), while Calvin Klein Collection goes for an effulgent orange and yellow. Don't forget to get matching shoes!

3) Printimidating Apparel
This season, almost every print imaginable has been spotted on the runways, most notably floral and paisley prints (for those of you who don't know what paisley is, it's that print that looks like a collection of kidney-shaped amoebas).
Spotted at Etro, a paisley robe worn with floral shorts and a cummerbund(!). Paul & Joe go for a contrasting floral pattern.

4) Gentleman's Safari
I'd love to go on a safari this summer, and if I do I'd like to do so in these outfits. Think khaki and beige (your typical safari tones) but with a dandy cut. Imagine a contemporary English Lord who knows not of comfort but loves bird-watching and giraffe-stalking.
Try this wrinkled beige suit by COS, or go for Yves Saint Laurent's trench coat ensemble.

5) White Dreams
As the ultimate summer colour, white evokes images of undulating linens hanging out to dry in the warm breeze. White even has it's own code (Labor Day rule anyone?) and has remained a powerful symbol throughout the years (peace, rendition, remembrance...). So it comes as no surprise that white is still a fashion favourite! Costume National brings us this white suit, and Louis Vuitton goes slightly more casual with a white vest, shirt, shorts, shoes and an ivory bag.
Is that the sound of a giant yacht I hear?

So there you go, you are now officially up to date!
My work here is done.
For now!


PHOTOG said...

Like the gentleman's safari

Daphne said...

I have to say I like the Etro outfit, the paisley robe, floral shorts en cummerbund somehow really match! Although I'm not a big fan of his shoes. If a guy has the guts (and the looks obviously) to wear this...hats off to him!

Ghostboy said...

Totally agree with you 'Daphne' ;-)
the cummerbund is far out, but it works somehow!
thanks for commenting!