April 13, 2009

Down Under

The one piece of clothing you never leave the house without?
Underwear, of course! Unless you're into the kinky 'I've got no undies on' stuff, I think all guys could do with some cool bodywear.
Because you might really hit it off with someone, until the clothes come off and you reveal a pair of scruffy, washed-out, three-days-old undies! That person will flee like a bat out of hell, dude!
So take note and check out these stylish undergarments!
First off, I present you with these high quality, aquamarine cotton boxers by BOSS Hugo Boss. At €46 ($62) they don't come cheap, but they'll be a big hit with whomever gets to see them!
And how about these banging polka dot boxers by Marc by Marc Jacobs?
A total bargain ($10) and the right choice for nearly every occasion.
Now, personally, I prefer the jersey shorts when I'm wearing a suit, and the loose boxers under jeans but you can choose whatever's most comfortable for you.
These stretch cotton jersey shorts in a bold tonal stripe pattern by Burberry ($37) are the right amount of masculine and contemporary.

And, finally, these baby rib briefs by American Apparel ($12). These come in almost every colour imaginable. So if you like a bit of zest down there, why not try them? Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: they're unisex! So in these harsh economic times, you can save a little dough and share with your girlfriend!
I like these Royal Blue ones.

(images: www.hugoboss.com, www.marcjacobs.com, www.uk.burberry.com, www.americanapparel.com)

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