April 02, 2009

DIY Designer!

So you really like some designer item, but can't really afford it right now? Well, if you check the 'DIY designer' section regularly I'll give you examples of how to recreate designer looks without having to spend the equivalent of your college tuition money.
Check out this awesome straw Fedora hat by Gucci. I especially love the side ornaments (enlarge the pic to see the Gucci crown cork!). But retailing at $495 at Bergdorf's and €295 in Europe, it's not exactly a bargain.

Don't despair, because you can recreate this look in a heartbeat! Or you can just buy the original, but that's not what this section is about!
If you surf to wwww.thefedorastore.com you can find all sorts of fedora's and panama hats.
I found this nice one for only $59.99, but prices start around $38. If you don't like ordering online, H&M does some pretty good faux-straw ones for only $15.

If there's any ribbon on your hat, remove it.
Now run to the nearest H&M or Zara. There you will find loads of accessories: just look for two star pins (about $4.99 a pop).
Ask your parents or grandparents if they have any old college or army pins and apply one on the same side as the stars. Now get a crown cork off your favourite bottle of soda, Superglue some Play Doh on the hollow side of the cork and wait for it to dry up. Finally Superglue the Play Doh-filled crown cork to the side of the straw hat, et voilĂ : the perfect summer hat! Order some cocktails, turn up the latin beats and just lay back...

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