April 06, 2009

"A ragged coat may cover an honest man."

...As the saying goes. But you needn't be honest to rock the coats that I'm about to show you. Nor are they ragged (unless they were meant to be, of course).
Springtime is in town, unless you live in Australia or down in Africa and it's like autumn now (damn, I need to stop finding exceptions for everything I say!).
Anyway, back to the subject: it's spring and that means that most of the time it's not warm enough to just wear a tee or a shirt, but a light spring coat may be in order. That's where I come in.
I've browsed the catalogues in search of the greatest spring coats I could find, going from light trench coats over bomber jackets to hoodies.
Select, buy and enjoy!
When people say 'trench coat', you think 'Burberry'. And that's right because Thomas Burberry invented the trench coat in 1914. This dashing specimen is out of designer genius Christopher Bailey's spring '09 Burberry collection, and with its dark crimson fabric a cool alternative for the classic beige trenches.
At $1245 it doesn't come cheap, but consider it a good investment.
Our next coat is a fancy seersucker vest by Paul Smith ($937.50). The epitome of summer style, this vest will have all heads turning as you cruise in your classic Mercedes convertible or as you stroll down the boulevards of Saint-Tropez.
And a more detailed shot...
For those who prefer a less classic and younger look, this great bomber jacket by Diesel (€170) is the best alternative. Fitted, casual and good for any laid-back occasion.

And last up is this hoodie raincoat by Carhartt (p.n.d.). Young, hip and impermeable: what more could you wish for?

(images: www.burberry.com, www.bergdorfgoodman.com, www.diesel.com, www.carharrt-streetwear.com)

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