April 01, 2009

Let's get some SHOES

They protect our feet from dirty streets.
They make crossing puddles easier.
They are what separates us from animals.
But so many different shoes are too fugly for words! If you're clueless about what to put on those feet, keep reading!
I'll start with these absolutely rocking sneakers by Lanvin Homme ($845). Sophisticated but street smart and available in various colours.
Look for similar styles at Nike and Puma.
I love the clever mix of patent leather and su├Ęde. These shoes look great with dark denim and a plaid bomber jacket.
But please don't walk in the aforementioned puddles with these puppies!

Now, I'm not a great fan of loafers but if you'd die without loafers on your feet, why not try this stylish pair by Gucci (John Varvatos and Cole Haan do some nice ones too).

They're a nice dark brown leather and have the typical Gucci horsebit detail.

Now I'll give you an example of some nice lace-up dress shoes. The shoes are preferably worn with a nice suit, but if you're feeling adventurous why not pair them with some skinny jeans?
This pair is by Salvatore Ferragamo ($530), who have a very decent collection of men's dress shoes. The key to finding nice dress shoes is this: keep it simple, shy away from too pointy or square tips, make sure the heels aren't too thick and only wear patent leather lace-ups with tuxedos.

They have a nice roundish (not square!) tip and rich black leather.

Finally, let's talk sandals. I think it's best to avoid wearing sandals because so few are actually acceptable. I hate seeing guys wearing thick-soled, practical hiking sandals with tribal embellishments on the straps. Even worse are the sandals that look like trekking shoes with a few holes in them (you know who you are!). Don't get me started on sandals worn with socks!

So unless youre buying these gladiator sandals by Jil Sander ($495), I suggest staying away from sandals.
This pair is made out of navy patent leather straps. I suggest only real fashionisto's try these out because it takes some serious styling to pull these off. But if you do your best, you'll look awesome.

If you really like them, try pairing them with grey knee-length dressy shorts ( shorts that look like suit pants) and a dark navy fitted shirt. Keep it simple because that's what Jil Sander is all about.

(images: http://www.barneys.com/, http://www.bergdorfgoodman.com/ )

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