April 01, 2009

Poker Face

If you wish to posess an illegible poker face, if you want to impress the ladies (or guys, I don't judge) with your clean skin or if you just don't want to look like a pubescent kid it's important to take care of your skin.

In 'Poker Face' I'll be talking about various skincare products as well as shaving and grooming essentials.
Clinique provides great men's skincare.
Clean your face in the morning with the Clinique Men Liquid Face Wash extra strength for a fresh feeling. Next, use the Clinique Men M Lotion to moisturise and replenish your skin.
No, I am not sponsored by Clinique, I just think they make excellent products.
Other great brands are Biotherm Homme, L'Oréal Men and Nivea For Men.
If you make the habit of moisturising and taking care of your face at a young age, you will reap the benefits of this later on in life.
And don't make me remind you all to wear sunscreen too :-).

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